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Topic: Urban Resilience Enhancement Strategies and Decision-making

A special issue of Disaster Prevention and Resilience

Submission deadline: 31 Dec 2022

Guest Editor(s)

  • Prof. Naiyu Wang
    College of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.

    Website | E-mail

  • Prof. Min Ouyang
    School of Artificial Intelligence and Automation, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, Hubei, China.

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Special Issue Introduction

The impact of natural disasters, including earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, tropical cyclones, and storm surge on urban areas, is likely to increase in the future due to population migration patterns, economic development, and climate change. The aftermath of such disasters worldwide has shown that effective strategies for natural hazards mitigation must enhance the resilience of urban communities as a whole in addition to the performance of individual facilities. Urban resilience depends on large-scale, interdependent physical infrastructure systems and networks, including building inventories, transportation and lifeline systems, and socioeconomic networks, that individually and collectively, can sustain damage and support the quick recovery of urban areas and their communities following a disaster. It is essential that many disciplines, including engineering, economics and sociology, and computer science, work in concert to develop decision frameworks that will enhance the resilience of urban areas exposed to natural disasters.

The special issue will focus on risk-informed decision-making processes aimed at enhancing resilience at different spatial scales. We welcome manuscripts from many disciplines and particularly encourage contributions that address both fundamental research and practical implementation issues related to resilience enhancement strategies and decision-making. The special issue will include (but not limited to) the following subjects:

● Resilience evaluation and uncertainty modeling
● Risk & decision analysis
● Recovery modeling and optimization
● Pre-disaster enhancement strategies
● Post-disaster recovery strategies
● Long-term resilience planning and building-back-batter considerations
● Risk forecast

Submission Deadline

31 Dec 2022

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Articles of special issue are free of charge for article processing.
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Submission Deadline: 31 Dec 2022
Contacts: Monica Wang, Assistant Editor, monica@dprjournal.com

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